a yellow telephone sitting on top of a wooden table.
a yellow telephone sitting on top of a wooden table.

Ultimate List of Upcycling Companies You Should Know About

There’s something appealing about creating new value from something old. Upcycling is essentially the process of giving new life to discarded materials by converting them into a secondary or further useful product. Upcycling as a concept has been gaining traction these days, mainly because it helps reduce waste and is an excellent way to reuse materials that would have otherwise ended up in the trash. Upcycling can involve many different processes like reusing, repurposing, and reconverting raw materials into secondary or final products. It is not just restricted to repurposing old clothing items. You can upcycle practically anything you find around you – from furniture and lighting to food packaging and even natural objects like branches, twigs, leaves, and fruits.

Best Upcycling Companies You Should Know About

Many companies specialize in upcycling, and we have compiled a list of these companies that have been dominating the market by creating innovative, eco-friendly, and affordable products.

Fashion and Clothing Companies that Upcycle

  1. RE.STATEMENT: the online marketplace where you can buy or sell original, one-of-a-kind upcycled fashion statement pieces
  2. Looptworks: bags and basic apparel made from unwanted fabrics
  3. Recycled Firefighter: wallets and bags made from used firefighter gear
  4. Noorism: reclaimed jeans and denim turned into “elevated fashion”
  5. Frankie: casual reworked basics and sweatpants
  6. Patagonia – Worn Wear ReCrafted Collection: popular outdoors brand remakes used clothing

Furniture and Home Companies that Upcycle

  1. Funcycled: repurposed furniture and cabinet work
  2. Vint & Co.: Custom furniture and redesigned furniture for sale
  3. Zoe Murphy: artist who creates upcycled, hand-printed furniture and textiles

Resource and Material Companies that Upcycle

  1. Novoloop: upcycles plastics into specialty materials by breaking them down at the molecular level
  2. Carbogenics: sustainable carbon products through the research from the University of Edinburgh
  3. Terracycle: facilitates the process of recycling packaging for client consumer companies through campaigns and programs
  4. The Upcycle Company: turns nature’s waste from animal harvest and food plants into valuable co-products
  5. The Upcycling Company: glass gets recycled into goods

Other Companies that Upcycle

  1. UpcycleThat: curated upcycling ideas, articles, and lessons to teach and inspire you to upcycle
  2. Upcycle Design School: workshops and classes on upcycling fashion and scaling upcycled clothing brands

3 Easy Ways to Start Upcycling at Home

There are many ways to upcycle at home. But to start, you can try these three basic ways.

  1. You can make your own decorative items with materials that are easily available at home like old clothes or packing and containers you don’t use anymore.
  2. You can also repurpose old materials like books, toys, toilet paper rolls, and bottle caps and create decorative items like wall hangings and picture frames.
  3. You can also get creative and use used materials to make everyday items like pencil holders, paper holders, and pencil boxes.

How Can Companies Benefit From Upcycling?

Upcycling has several benefits for companies. It not only helps them reduce waste but also saves them money. It also gives their customers a unique and eco-friendly product. If your company is into the business of upcycling, the following are some of the ways in which you can benefit.

  • Increased revenue – If you are a company in the business of upcycling, you can increase your revenue by selling your products. You can sell your products online through websites like RE.STATEMENT, the online upcycling marketplace, or at a physical store.
  • Brand recognition – If you are looking to build brand recognition, you can start an initiative to promote eco-friendly products with upcycling as a theme. You can collaborate with RE.STATEMENT or other organizations and individuals to promote this cause.
  • PR and social media benefits – The PR and social media benefits of upcycling are immense. You can use this opportunity to spread awareness about your cause and can even collaborate with brands that are committed to the environment.


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