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Upcycled clothing is new clothing made from used or unwanted parts of clothes that have already been produced.

For instance, imagine a never-before-seen jacket made of fabrics from various shirts, lost buttons, and the clean half of Mom’s handmade tablecloth that kind of slaps.

84% of all clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators. Our designers reduce that percentage by seeing the potential in abandoned materials.

Our online marketplace creates beauty from chaos. 

Check it out here.

Our items are one-of-one, meaning that no two items are identical. This is what makes each item listing sell out quickly.

Upcycled clothing created by small business fashion designers and artisans take longer to make and are higher in demand, which both contribute to their popularity on RE.STATEMENT.

Your best bet is to contact the seller or designer through the RE.STATEMENT platform and ask them to make a similar item tailored to your liking.

You might also get lucky if RE.STATEMENT emails you that the original item is relisted on the online marketplace.

We list new items in collection drops.

These will occur at least 1-2 times a month because RE.STATEMENT is so new, but over time, we will increase the frequency of new collection drops.

When sellers list their new items, they get to choose the amount of money they want to go home with. Sellers receive 100% of the payment they ask for.

Then, RE.STATEMENT adds on the 10% green premium fee (covers listing, transaction, and advertising costs) and shipping, and that is the price shoppers pay before taxes.

If you want your worn clothing to be parts of new upcycled clothing that you will wear, you can contact a RE.STATEMENT designer you like via the platform communications feature to make you a custom order with your used clothing.

If you are looking to donate your old or unwanted clothing, then please keep donating them to your local thrift store. We are partnering with many in the future to continue upcycling with their unsold items.

You can visit the designer’s profile page or their item listing page and click the “Inquiry” button to send a message about starting a custom order.

You can view conversations via email or the Messages page under My Account once you are logged in.

All RE.STATEMENT sellers go through a detailed application process to guarantee high quality items, and their items should reflect this quality standard in their photos and detailed description.

All sellers are recommended to follow RE.STATEMENT’s size chart here, but it is best to check the specific item’s size dimensions on the item listing page or the seller’s profile page. All sellers are instructed to include size dimensions in each listing.


We accept debit or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). You can also pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay if you are paying from your smartphone.

To save time on the checkout process, we also offer an option to pay with existing store credits that you have the opportunity to buy or earn.

Store credits on RE.STATEMENT are a program for shoppers to have prepaid funds on hand to complete purchases faster.

Store credits can be earned or purchased in advance.

Over time, we will offer discounts, deals, and secret collection drops for those who pay with store credits.

Once logged into your account, you can purchase them on the Store Credits page under the My Account page.

Once logged into your account, you will be able to see your pre-existing store credits as a payment option in the Checkout process.


We currently ship to all states in the United States of America.

If your shipping address is not in the United States, please message us and we will let you know when shipping to your country is available.

With our free shipping method already included in the item price, you will receive your order 3-7 days after the seller processes and fulfills your order.

New faster shipping options will be listed on the shipping options on the Checkout page. Please keep in mind shipping time does not include the days it takes sellers to process and handle your order, which is specified on each seller’s individual profile.

ZERO dollars. The item’s price already includes RE.STATEMENT’s basic free shipping option.

In the future, the Checkout process may include other shipping options and prices to get your items sooner.


Our full return policy is here.

In short, each seller may have their own return policy, but otherwise, they agree to the RE.STATEMENT return policy summarized below:

  • You have 14 days to return your item for a full refund.
  • Contact the seller to start the refund process.
  • You must cover your own shipping costs to return the item back to the seller.
  • Your refund amount will not include the original shipping amount paid to receive the item.
  • Items must be in new, original condition.

Contact RE.STATEMENT (not the seller) for partial refunds via store credit.

After proving current condition of the item, RE.STATEMENT will deposit up to 80% of the item’s current market value to your store credit account. By starting this process, you agree to releasing all ownership of this item to RE.STATEMENT and accept that RE.STATEMENT may relist or resell your item on the online marketplace.


The RE.STATEMENT community is made of the top talented designers who upcycle clothing and accessories.

We build real relationships with our sellers and help them build their brands and legacy. Instead of taking more from sellers, we help them grow their business models long-term.

We offer:

  • Shoppers who are ready and excited to find and buy your listings
  • Insights, trends, and advice to design, list, and market your items better
  • Resources and materials coming soon to help you continue upcycling

Sellers are not charged for listing and transaction fees. They get 100% of the price they ask for.

Listing and transaction fees are paid by the buyer. This is an additional 10% on top of seller’s earnings and is called the “green premium fee.” It is already included in the final listed price, which also includes shipping but not taxes.

You can sell wherever you want! But please keep in mind that each platform is best for specific types of items while RE.STATEMENT is the premier online marketplace for upcycled fashion.

If you choose to sell on RE.STATEMENT, you will have ready demand from buyers and recommendations on what to do to grow your business each step of the way. Our support and incentives go unmatched.

Yes, if you choose to deviate from the RE.STATEMENT return policy, you will have to list it on your seller profile. Otherwise, you agree to the RE.STATEMENT return policy by default.

You will be responsible for fulfilling and packaging your orders. For shipping, RE.STATEMENT has shipping labels available for you to print out and ship that the buyer has already paid for.

Should you choose your own separate shipping method, please note you will be responsible for covering these costs on your own and must share the shipping label to the buyer when the item is shipped.

Once you are approved as a seller, here is the general sales process:

  1. List your items, including all details, photos, videos, etc.
  2. Wait for items to be approved, and/or edit listings according to feedback given from RE.STATEMENT.
  3. Get ready for the items’ scheduled collection drop date and time, which is when buyers will be notified about your items’ availability.
  4. Package and ship the orders as soon as you are notified about their transaction.
  5. Get paid once the buyer receives their item!

The process is similar for custom orders, except you won’t be waiting on a scheduled collection drop and instead will be in contact with your buyer to agree on terms, payment, and scope of design.

We focus on bringing in sellers with high talent and unique, high quality products. Expertise and quality should be communicated clearly through photos, videos, and descriptions of the items.

Genuine transparency is also a crucial part of the RE.STATEMENT brand, so it is important that sellers openly share and document their process of upcycling to gain more trust from buyers who care about real, sustainable methods.

We would love for you to start selling on RE.STATEMENT! Fill out the quick sign-up form here, and we will help you create your seller profile.

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