Sustainability of Upcycling

Welcome to RE.STATEMENT, where sustainability and authenticity are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in keeping it real and genuine, without any corporate fluff or jargon.


At RE.STATEMENT, circular economy, sustainable fashion, upcycled clothing, and ethical fashion are not just words but instead the driving force behind everything we do. We take immense pride in our circular approach to fashion, where conscious design and efforts to minimize or recycle material waste are at the core of our mission. Sustainability runs deep in the DNA of our brand, and it’s evident in every aspect of our business.

Our Ultimate Impact

Choosing an upcycled t-shirt from RE.STATEMENT means making a significant impact on the environment. Upcycling saves an impressive 20% to 50% of carbon emissions compared to new t-shirts made from virgin materials. But that’s not all – each upcycled t-shirt also saves a staggering 250 to 650 gallons of water, equivalent to an average person’s consumption over 2 to 5 years. By embracing upcycled fashion, you’re not only getting a unique and stylish piece but also playing a crucial role in conserving resources and creating a more sustainable future for our planet.

How? Our Eco-Conscious Process

At the heart of our business model lies upcycling, where we proudly champion circularity, resourcefulness, and waste reduction. Our dedication to environmental sustainability is evident in our policies, ambitious goals, and thoughtfully curated collections. By transforming discarded materials into bold and stylish creations, we demonstrate our commitment to minimizing environmental impact, especially in regions most affected by the climate crisis.

  • Conscious Design: Conscious design is the essence of our brand. Our designers are the creative force behind RE.STATEMENT, and they passionately embrace the principles of durability, timelessness, and versatility in their creations. Our products are not just fashion statements; they are sustainable, long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time and trends.
  • Minimizing Material Waste: We’re not afraid to tackle the challenge of minimizing material waste. At every stage of production, we strive to optimize pattern cutting, creatively use fabric remnants, and find innovative ways to reduce waste. Waste reduction is not just a goal; it’s an integral part of our design philosophy.
  • Closed-Loop Sourcing: When it comes to sourcing, we walk the talk of the circular economy. Our partnerships are exclusively with suppliers who share our values and prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. By supporting responsible suppliers, we ensure that the materials used in our products meet our high standards of sustainability.

Join us on this revolutionary journey of bold, sustainable fashion. With RE.STATEMENT, you’re not just dressing for style; you’re dressing for positive change. Experience the power of circularity, conscious design, and upcycled clothing as we create a brighter and more sustainable future together.

More Details About...

RE.STATEMENT’s products lead the way in sustainability and ethics, far exceeding both new and secondhand clothes. Through upcycling, we transform old garments into striking, eco-friendly creations, drastically reducing our carbon footprint and promoting circular fashion. Our commitment to fair compensation and ethical practices empowers our designers, fostering a responsible and inclusive supply chain. With RE.STATEMENT, you embrace fashion that’s not only cutting-edge and original but also champions a brighter, more sustainable future for fashion and the planet.

Compared to buying new clothes, which often requires resource-intensive manufacturing processes, upcycling drastically reduces the environmental impact and carbon emissions. Moreover, compared to buying used clothes, upcycling allows for greater creativity and originality that lasts longer, as our designers craft unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from pre-loved materials.

Through a voluntary initiative, some of our designers generously offer their time and expertise to repair or repaint items that were purchased on our platform. By taking part in this meaningful effort, our designers contribute to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem, one repair and brushstroke at a time. Their dedication showcases the true essence of RE.STATEMENT’s mission: creating bold, beautiful fashion that embraces circularity and lasting impact.

Our talented designers and small businesses work their magic from their homes, studios, or offices based in the USA. They’re passionate about upcycling old clothes into bold and stylish creations that are truly one-of-a-kind.

We are dedicated to engaging designers directly and understanding their views. Through collaboration with partner organizations, we strive to ensure that the voices of our designers are heard and valued. RE.STATEMENT has efforts in place to maintain empowering working conditions for our designers, and we are committed to a positive and respectful environment for all individuals involved in our supply chain. We value the importance of collaboration, fairness, and empowerment in creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion community.

Our unique approach allows designers to set their own prices for the products they create, giving them the autonomy to determine their income and their profit-share. We firmly believe in empowering our designers to thrive and be rewarded for their hard work and creativity.

Beyond the financials, we invest in their growth and happiness through regular feedback meetings, fostering open dialogue to understand their ideas and challenges. Our personalized recommendations and industry expertise empower them to refine their craft and flourish in the fashion world. Beyond creativity, we deeply care about their well-being, conducting wellness check-ins to ensure they feel supported and valued.

We prioritize maintaining an inclusive workplace that upholds diversity and actively prevents any form of discriminatory practices. Our commitment extends to ensuring that no individual is subject to discrimination based on age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, national origin, or social origin. We embrace a culture of respect and acceptance, valuing the diverse perspectives and contributions of all our team members and partners.

We take a proactive approach to assess and address the potential risks of subcontracting with our designers. Our Terms and Conditions outline clear policies to ensure that all production remains within the boundaries of our sustainable practices. We maintain open communication with our designers, fostering a collaborative environment where transparency and learning are valued. By building strong partnerships, we can jointly address any potential subcontracting challenges and maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Taking care of the environment is a big reason why we do this. By producing small-scale in private workspaces, we reduce the reduce the use of hazardous chemicals, water consumption, and carbon emissions.

While we don’t have manufacturing facilities or factories, we still get a head start on slashing waste and embracing the circular economy because our designers have the autonomy of creating from their homes, studios, or offices based in the United States. Treating everyone involved in the process with respect is non-negotiable, especially when they’re working from their own spaces. No matter where or from what our upcycled products are made, all RE.STATEMENT designers and employees agree that fair treatment, safe working conditions, and respect for human rights are the bare minimum.

Sustainable sourcing is key for us. Designers get secondhand goods from thrift stores, consignment shops, brand partners, and deadstock fabric suppliers. We ask our designers who upcycle to share what their products are made from, making sure you know how we do things and the positive impact we make.

As we partner with larger brands or companies that supply us with secondhand resources to upcycle, you will see it state in each product’s listing. We work to ensure that our partners have the same environmental goals and intentions as RE.STATEMENT’s, and we rigorously check on their ethical working conditions and manufacturing standards for raw material producers before we accept their bulk discarded products as secondhand goods.

We always strive to be more communicative and specific about what our upcycled products are made from. No matter where or from what our upcycled products are made, all RE.STATEMENT designers and employees agree that fair treatment, safe working conditions, and respect for human rights are the bare minimum.

While our designers have the freedom to choose their own packaging, they consistently opt for eco-friendly solutions. It’s truly incredible to witness them embrace biodegradable and compostable packaging options, reducing their environmental footprint. Even more mind-blowing is their commitment to reusing old packaging, minimizing waste and resource consumption. Their encouragement of reuse among our customers further emphasizes their dedication to sustainability. At RE.STATEMENT, we are immensely proud of our designers’ environmentally conscious decisions, and together, we’re making a powerful impact on the planet, one eco-friendly package at a time.

We’re not perfect, and we don’t pretend to be. We are looking forward to more of your feedback, ideas, and questions.

Join RE.STATEMENT if you’re even slightly curious about how we make sustainability meet style. 

Together, we’ll make a difference by being different.

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