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"Thanks, it's ~upcycled~"

What We Do

It doesn't take a saint to be sustainable.

RE.STATEMENT is the online marketplace for upcycled fashion, which are new clothes created from existing or used materials.

You’ve definitely noticed upcycled fashion before. It’s a statement piece that makes your entire outfit different because it’s something never-before-seen, made from fabrics from various shirts, lost buttons, and idk, the clean half of Mom’s handmade tablecloth that’s kind of really hot.

Whether you care about looking good, sustainability, or both, RE.STATEMENT is by nature a gateway into eco-conscious consumerism.

Think Etsy or Poshmark, but we instead are madly in love with badass design, aren’t pretending that it takes a saint to be sustainable, and are more selective about who can buy and sell just so buyers and sellers can have an easier time finding what they like.

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I'm Hannah M. Le, Founder of RE.STATEMENT

Fashion design was the first “real person job” I wanted as a kid – until I discovered how much of an absolute fiend I am at applying behavioral economics to product development and social impact startups.

If you’ve known me long enough to remember…

  • My subtly-inappropriate clothing brand that paid the bills in college but shut down after I questioned the value of producing a quirky shirt at the expense of the planet
  • My startup blog about companies saving the world that I gave up after a traumatic brain injury and after no longer wanting to live up to the expectation of being “good” all the time
  • AND when my mom, who runs her own alterations business, made 1,000 face masks just a few weeks into the early pandemic from extra fabric she had saved and gave away…

Then it might make way too much sense as to why upcycling is a huge part of my life.

What Else to Know?

I am also...

A social impact marketing and product expert

For startups in the edtech industry, constantly learning from what others regret.

A product designer of miscellaneous things

(That might require the FBI agent in her computer to look away).

A first-gen Wharton grad

Who studied marketing, new product development, & entrepreneurial management at the University of Pennsylvania.

A softcore existentialist

Who still believes in doing good in this world because we've given too much in this lifetime to do anything less.

Constantly asking herself how to be...

A better friend, lover, sister, & daughter - and will prioritize personal relationships over anything and everything.

The bad girl with good intentions.

Slightly intentionally awkward, mildly rebellious, & total heart of gold.
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