a poster advertising a contest for a contest.
a poster advertising a contest for a contest.

First Annual Upcycled Fashion Contest

This Earth Month, join the 1st Annual RE.STATEMENT Upcycling Contest. The #UpcycleEarth Contest is open from now until 11:59pm April 22, 2022.

Think you’ve got a hand in upcycling? Submit clothing you’ve upcycled yourself on Instagram or TikTok by tagging @re.statement and #upcycleEarth for a chance to win cash prizes and be listed on the RE.STATEMENT website.

How to Participate

  1. Upload a photo/video to Instagram or TikTok of a piece of clothing you upcycled. This means clothing you’ve created from used/unwanted materials, not including buttons, zippers, thread, etc. (Recommended: show the process and materials you used to create and share where everything came from).
  2. Tag @re.statement and #upcycleEarth. Add #upcycleHouston if you are Houston-based – at least one Houstonian will be selected as a finalist.

Only submissions from 12:00am 04/04/2022 to 11:59pm CST 04/22/2022 will be considered.


Up to 100 applicants will have the option to be listed on the RE.STATEMENT website to sell their upcycled work.

Cash prize pool is currently at $200 total ($100 for 1st place, $65 for 2nd place, $35 for 3rd place).

As more applicants join the contest and more sponsors contribute to the cash pool, the prizes will GROW. After reaching 50+ applicants, the next total prize pool will be $300.

Judging Criteria

Each applicant = one individual person OR group, with one instagram OR TikTok account. Applicants can apply multiple times, but only be eligible to win for one submission. Must be in the US.

Preliminary Round:

Judges will score creativity surrounding…

– Resourcefulness: clever use of materials

– Aesthetics: attractive and wanted

– Originality: unique, unseen before

– Functionality: serves the purpose of being wearable

Final Round (& potential Semi-Final Rounds):

Winners will be determined by popular vote from the public on the RE.STATEMENT website. There may be a preceding semi-finalist round that will also be determined by popular vote if there are over 100 applicants.


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