a shark and a dollar bill floating in the water.
a shark and a dollar bill floating in the water.

Sustainable Fashion Startup on Shark Tank (Season 14, Episode 18)


But it IS the start of Earth Month, so we are excited to continue leading the charge with you on eco-conscious consumerism in fashion.

Hope you aren’t too disappointed by our little April Fools trick. We’re simply just manifesting. ????

Get us on Shark Tank even sooner by shopping for your favorite upcycled clothing and sharing with friends and family (and the Shark Tank crew) how important RE.STATEMENT’s unique fashion means to you!

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Top 5 Tips for Daily Eco-Conscious Habits for Earth Month, Earth Day, and Beyond

  1. Make the most use out of everything you have
  2. Give all that you can, and take only what you need
  3. Challenge yourself to be better in various aspects of life every day
  4. Gently convince others to join you
  5. Aim for consistent, small habits that last longer before leveling up to new habits, and accept imperfection


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