a woman wearing a polka dot shirt and a leather skirt.
a woman wearing a polka dot shirt and a leather skirt.

5 Unique Ways to Repurpose Your Old Skirts

Upcycling is a great way to repurpose old clothing, household items, and other materials that might otherwise be thrown away or used as rags. Upcycling doesn’t just reduce waste; it also allows you to create new things that are uniquely your own. Upcycling a skirt is a simple way to repurpose clothing so that it has brand-new life again. Whether you have an old skirt with holes in the hem, or you just want to make a new one from scratch, you can upcycle a skirt by adding another layer of fabric or removing some of the original layers. Here are five unique ways to upcycle a skirt, or you can partner with a RE.STATEMENT designer to upcycle one for you.

Use old skirt fabric to make a tote bag

If you have an old, worn-out skirt, use it to make a tote bag. All you need to start is the skirt hemming, a couple of pieces of fabric for the outside, and an inside liner. For the outside fabric, you can use any type you like, but for the inside, it’s best to use fabric that can withstand heavy items being carried in the bag. You can also add a zipper to the inside of the bag for a discreet pocket.

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Turn a skirt into a top

A skirt can be turned into a gorgeous top. The key is to remove the hem from the skirt and bring it up to the waistline. To turn the skirt into a cropped top, cut the hem from the skirt, and then bring the hem up to the waistline. Add a few buttons, and you have a gorgeous top that looks completely original. Or you can create a longer top by cutting the skirt in half and sewing the two halves together to make a tunic-length top. If you’re sewing on a hem, you can use the original hem of the skirt to create an interesting design. Turning an old skirt into a top is an easy way to repurpose your clothing and create an entirely new piece of clothing that looks completely original.

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Sew on a slip or pantyhose bottom

If you have an old slip or pantyhose lying around that you don’t wear anymore, you can use it to add a new hem to an old skirt. This is a great way to repurpose old clothing that you might otherwise throw away. For the skirt, you should look for a fabric type that is thicker and more durable than the fabric of the slip so that the hemming stitches won’t show. For the slip, choose a type that is thin and has holes or runs in the hem. Stuff the slip into the skirt hem, and then use a strong sewing thread to sew the hem together. Sewing on a hem like this is best done by hand so that the stitches are small and difficult to see.

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Add pockets to a skirt

Adding pockets to an old skirt is a simple way to repurpose an old piece of clothing. For an even more unique look, use a contrasting fabric for the pockets. You can sew pockets directly into the skirt, or add a hem and then slip pockets into the hem. For the hem, you should choose a fabric that is durable and easy to clean, like cotton. For the pocket fabric, you can use any type you like. Just be sure to add the pockets in a visually appealing design.

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Repurpose old skirt hemming as scrap yarn

If you have a large amount of skirt hemming fabric, you can create scrap yarn. All you need to do is wind the fabric into balls and then knit it together. For the best results, use fabrics with a high amount of natural fiber content, like cotton or wool. Doing this is a great way to repurpose old clothing, while also making something useful.

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Spending time repurposing old clothing is a great way to upcycle your old clothing. You can turn an old skirt into a tote bag, turn it into a top, sew on a hem from a slip or pantyhose, add pockets to it, or repurpose old skirt hemming as scrap yarn.


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