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What is RESTATEMENT? The Unique Clothing Marketplace That Will Make You Want to Shop Again

When it comes to shopping, everyone wants to have a unique experience. With the saturation of online marketplaces and fast-fashion stores in every corner of the city, the thrill of shopping has somewhat diminished. Everyone knows about flash sales before anyone else, and we’ve all got our go-to stores for basics. But having new clothing options is like having a new best friend: it’s not something that you take for granted until it’s gone.

Luckily, there are places and experiences that rekindle your love for clothes. One such place is called RE.STATEMENT. This unique marketplace brings together independent designers from across the country with a fresh take on fashion — creating vintage-inspired, modern looks made of upcycled materials from used or unwanted clothing.


RE.STATEMENT is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace that bridges the gap between eco-conscious fashion designers and consumers looking for unique fashion that stands out. Unlike traditional marketplaces, RE.STATEMENT curates and hosts only upcycled fashion or repurposed clothing, which is new clothes made from used or unwanted materials.

We work with small businesses and independent designers to ensure that the quality of products and design aesthetics are top-notch, and we help them grow their own brands that help buyers express themselves. This means that RE.STATEMENT offers a curated selection of products that are designed to improve or enhance one’s experience in a meaningful way.


RE.STATEMENT is a novelty among marketplaces for a variety of reasons.

For one, it is the single marketplace to host only upcycled clothing created by independent designers. Everything you get will be distinctly one of a kind.

It also curates only a limited selection of products, meaning that customers receive only the best and carefully selected items.

Moreover, RE.STATEMENT is committed to environmentally-conscious fashion that has a purpose beyond just “being sustainable.” We truly close the loop on the circular economy of fashion and allow people to shop guilt-free.


RE.STATEMENT is one of the first marketplaces that allow customers to support sustainability and designers’ careers without even realizing it. We let good design speak for itself, so supporting zero waste and small businesses just happens to be a result of the RE.STATEMENT brand.

Here’s how the RE.STATEMENT marketplace works:

  1. Sellers would list their items to be scheduled, grouped, and launched in “batches” or limited-time collections.
  2. Buyers would sign up for time slots to preview the upcoming batch. Then they get a time slot to buy from the next batch.
  3. Buyers also have the option to bookmark their favorite items or notify a seller if they want something that has been sold out.

Who Are The Designers in RE.STATEMENT?

There are many talented designers on the RE.STATEMENT platform, and if you create upcycled clothing, you should definitely join.

Our designers are small businesses or local creatives who use thrifted, used, or unwanted clothing to create new, unique, upcycled fashion. They have an artist’s touch and are looking to continue doing what they love while easily building their own brand.

If you are a talented designer who upcycles and you are looking for a better starting block than Etsy, Poshmark, or Depop, then you should sign up to sell on RE.STATEMENT. With RE.STATEMENT, your upcycled fashion design will stand out and be valued, instead of being lost and unseen.

How to Shop at RE.STATEMENT

RE.STATEMENT houses a wide variety of fashion products for all consumers out there who are looking to stand out while helping the environment. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of painted jeans or a statement piece for your next event, the marketplace has something for everyone who wants to stand out.

Here are some tips for finding and buying things you truly love to wear at RE.STATEMENT:

  • Sign up for an early time slot to browse and buy the clothing items you like. They sell out quickly because they are one of a kind!
  • When you get to browse, be sure to bookmark your favorite items on our website so you can quickly add them to your cart when it’s your turn to buy.
  • Add your payment information and shipping address early on in your account so you don’t have to race to add them when you get to buy.
  • Notify sellers if you want an item that has been sold out, so they can create similar clothing for you.
  • Sign up for waitlists of upcycled clothing items that have been sold out – in case the original buyer doesn’t want it anymore or if it’s not their fit or style.

Final Words

Shopping for fashion is all about exploring your options, finding new pieces that speak to your personality and making sure that your closet reflects who you are. But sometimes, you think about how much of an impact that can play on the environment.

With RE.STATEMENT, you can find clothing that has the features and quality you are looking for – while securely knowing that our upcycling and our circular economy makes sustainability possible.

RE.STATEMENT is one such place that will make you look forward to shopping consciously. Check out our latest items and sign up for an account here.


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