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The Top Sustainable Fashion Trends You’ll See In Fall 2022

In the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for sustainable fashion. People are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their clothing and a growing number of them want to buy garments that don’t pollute the planet. However, it isn’t easy for consumers to know which items are eco-friendly. There are many brands that use ambiguous labels like ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or even ‘sustainable’ to sell their products.

As a result, many customers feel confused about where they should invest their money and time when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint through clothing. To help you navigate the world of sustainable fashion, we have compiled a list of latest trends that you will see in Fall 2022.

Dyeing with renewable resources

The first trend you’ll see in Fall 2022 is the use of renewable resources for dyeing fabrics in their warm, cozy fall colors. Meanwhile, many fast fashion brands instead use synthetic dyes to color their garments, and the chemicals used in this process pollute the environment.

As a result, eco-friendly brands are shifting towards renewable resources such as natural pigments, vegetable tannins and fermented indigo. Some brands are also launching research and development programs to create new eco-friendly dyes. For example, new brands are working with a team of researchers to create a new type of dye made from mushrooms.

Zero waste clothing

The second sustainable fashion trend is zero-waste clothing. Zero-waste fashion refers to making garments with minimal resource use. A few brands are shifting towards zero-waste production.

For example, RE.STATEMENT is the up-and-coming online marketplace that solely sells upcycled clothing. You can buy new, unique clothing made from used or unwanted materials that otherwise would’ve been thrown away if it weren’t for their zero waste brands. You will see more brands adopting these zero-waste production practices in fall 2022.

Eco-friendly yarns

As the weather gets colder, the third trend you’ll see in Fall 2022 is eco-friendly yarns. When it comes to sustainable fashion, yarn is one of the most important parts of a garment. The majority of commercial yarns are made with synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and polyester. These fabrics are harmful to the environment and they don’t break down easily when they are thrown away.

To create more eco-friendly yarns, some brands are using organic materials such as organic cotton and hemp. You can find the top recommended eco-friendly yarn brands here.

Fabrics made from bamboo and straw

The fourth eco-friendly fashion trend you’ll see in fall 2022 is fabrics made from bamboo and straw.

Bamboo and straw are rapidly growing materials that are the perfect alternative to synthetic fabrics. Bamboo is a sustainable plant that grows quickly and requires little water to grow. Straw is an inexpensive material that is also biodegradable.

Fewer chemicals in manufacturing

The fifth trend you’ll see in fall 2022 is fewer chemicals in manufacturing. Most commercial fabrics use harmful chemicals in the dying process. To create more eco-friendly garments, some brands are switching to less polluting dyes.

For example, Patagonia is using natural dyes to color its clothing. Other brands are also working to eliminate harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.


The fashion industry has a negative impact on the environment and we can see this in the growing number of extreme weather events, diminishing water stocks and pollution in waterways. To reduce the carbon footprint of the industry, we will need to change how we produce and consume clothing. These sustainable fashion trends will be important in helping us make this shift. For more sustainable fashion, check out our online marketplace of upcycled clothing at RE.STATEMENT.


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