the upcycling production live art show.
the upcycling production live art show.

The RE.STATEMENT Upcycling Production

You’re invited to join the New York City party where street art and sustainable fashion meet.

Saturday, July 22
2:00pm – 5:00pm

Meet RE.STATEMENT – the online marketplace of upcycled fashion – and its artists and designers who upcycle old clothes into bold clothes.

Watch their raw, unfiltered design process as a live performance in-person, and shop authentic vintage fashion and repurposed clothing.

the statement upcycling production saturday july 22.

New York designers cut, sew, patch, paint, and more to showcase the creative expertise that prevents thousands of textiles from going into landfills.

No other place you’d rather be if you’re anywhere from slightly curious to completely obsessed with unique fashion that stands out.

RSVP here for location, secret updates, sneak peeks, and a premium experience.


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