a rack of clothes with a quote on it.
a rack of clothes with a quote on it.

The One Single Upcycled Clothing Store That Will Make You Explore All Your Options

When you look for upcycled fashion, you’re likely to find those kitschy items you see on Pinterest or Etsy. When you think of upcycling your own clothing, you might think of those days in middle school when you would cut up your t-shirts and make them into new crop tops (although they never turned out to be that good).

But in your mind, there’s an ideal vision you have about what you could find in an upcycled clothing store: brilliantly designed, seamlessly sewn articles of upcycled clothing that you would remember for ages.

In other words, that’s why you are learning about RE.STATEMENT, the online upcycled fashion market. We’ve sorted out the best single upcycling clothing store for you, and it’s a place to find small businesses and independent designers who upcycle their own clothes so what you get will always be unique.

Come explore your options, and we’ll show you where to start.

Why RE.STATEMENT, the Online Upcycled Clothing Store, Exists

As the planet begs for climate action and consumers like you and I fumble around trying to help, gigantic piles of fabrics and materials are waiting to be upcycled – and pieces of art are waiting to be created and discovered.

After researching online, we found that there are a handful of designers that focus on growing their businesses by creating high-quality upcycled clothing that puts your voice in the room before you say a single word. Even though this idea is gaining popularity, we didn’t find a lot of reviews and information about these stores, let alone the best of them on the market.

With this in mind, we decided to create a store where you can find the best upcycled clothing designers on the internet, brands and small businesses that share their knowledge with customers and support each other. A place to shop that has everything you need to find the best upcycled clothes.

What you find on RE.STATEMENT and will want to order within the first minute of seeing it, would otherwise take you hours to find on other marketplaces. With our upcycle fashion marketplace, you’ll be able to have new, original clothes, but not at the expense of the planet because their unique materials were already about to be discarded.

Why We Excel as the Upcycled Fashion Marketplace

At RE.STATEMENT, we’ve been dedicated to building the store for the best upcycled clothes online. With our experience of putting buyers in front of designs they want before they even realize they want it, we’ve carefully curated all the upcycled fashion available on our marketplace, ensuring they are all of the highest quality and beautiful design.

We’re also different. We’re not the only marketplace with upcycled clothes; we’re the only marketplace that selectively engineers its buyers and sellers so that few items are ever left unwanted in the shop.

We’ve also been committed to keeping our marketplace at the forefront of upcycling. The more popular upcycling becomes, the more authentic and diverse the product offerings will become. We’re excited to see where the industry goes, well, mostly because we’re spearheading it.

Top upcycled fashion stores on the upcycled marketplace RE.STATEMENT, and why our upcycled clothing stands out

How We Source Upcycled Clothing for Our Store

We’ve been sourcing our upcycled clothing from all over the United States since the beginning. We’re constantly on the hunt for the most unique, original upcycled clothing, and we’re proud to showcase brands and designers who upcycle their own clothes.

Small businesses and designers who sell on our upcycled marketplace are selected for their…

  • Resourcefulness: clever use of materials
  • Aesthetics: buyers find these clothes attractive and want them
  • Originality: unique, unseen clothing
  • Functionality: wearable, fits many occasions, durable

We scour the internet and local communities for those who may be upcycling clothes, whether they’ve been doing it for decades or just a few months. We also have open calls and contests to accept new sellers from time to time as well.

Brands and Designers Who Upcycle Fashion

Since the beginning of the marketplace, we’ve been committed to finding the best upcycled clothing in the world. If you’re looking for a curated marketplace of upcycled clothing, you’ve come to the right place.

Our marketplace is a mix of independent designers:  brands that have been upcycling for years, as well as brands who are just getting started. With the variety of options, you can find the perfect pieces for any occasion.

You can see which small businesses and designers will be selling on our platform once you sign up for updates on the RE.STATEMENT website and keep up with our marketplace’s progress.

How to Buy Upcycled Fashion

If you haven’t already, you should sign up for updates on the RE.STATEMENT website. This is how you’ll be notified via email about our new upcycled clothing batches and when they’ll launch.

You’ll be able to preview and browse the upcycled clothing we have, and you’ll also know the date and time you’ll be allowed to start buying.

However, if you decide to sleep in and miss out on an upcycled sale launch, no worries. By marking that you are interested in a particular piece of clothing that has been sold out, you can be added to a priority list for that seller to create a different but similar piece of clothing for you.

By nature, upcycling clothing is a rare art form, which is why we believe that one in a million clothing, that is also eco-friendly and ethical for the environment, is made for someone who’s one in a million, just like you.

At this time, the online upcycled fashion store RE.STATEMENT is still being built and in the pre-launch stage. However, you can check out live updates and join the waitlist on our website here.


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