a woman sitting on a couch wearing a blue dress.
a woman sitting on a couch wearing a blue dress.

Shopping for Upcycled Clothing that Actually Looks Good

The Context of This Spontaneous Sustainable Clothing Endeavor

I stopped writing 16 months ago, but not once was I certain about getting rid of The Good Startup. I kept this social impact, bad-girl-good-intentions brand in my back pocket and let it hibernate while I continued working for social enterprise startups in the edtech industry.

However, the bad-girl-good-intentions thoughts kept growing, and I started really missing this subtly inappropriate clothing brand I used to run. My childhood had always revolved around fashion. Fashion design was the first job I remember practicing and pretending to have when I was in first grade, my mom’s tailoring and alterations work would flood the house, and there is still a formal dress design in my mind from third grade that I swear will one day end up on a red carpet somewhere (or featured in my mugshot).

I wondered if there was a way to merge the subtly inappropriate clothing brand with The Good Startup’s wholesome sustainability initiatives, and the answer was so obvious to me that I’m a little upset I hadn’t realized it before:

“Freakishly distinct, upcycled clothing that puts your voice in the room before saying a single word.”

Meet RE.STATEMENT: The Upcycled Clothing Marketplace

Whether you want to be on your best or worst behavior, however it is you want to express yourself today, RE.STATEMENT is the place to find the repurposed-fashion statement piece for it.

We’re a marketplace that connects eco-conscious consumers with sustainable designers who only use upcycled clothing and repurposed or recycled materials. Because it is so beyond obvious that reusing clothes and fabrics and then transforming them into unique pieces of art is a sustainable fashion trend that just makes sense, RE.STATEMENT’s merchants or designers will provide only the most interesting ethical clothing brands.

The RE.MARKABLE aesthetic is distinct statement pieces that you can blend in with your current closet to create positive, lasting impressions. These are pieces of sustainable clothing that quietly draw the eye across the room towards you. They make people look twice. They are memorable, and they start a conversation. They open opportunities for you, and for our planet, to progress.

None of the cozy-homemade-Pinterest-DIY look, and none of the excessively loud, obnoxious mess. No offense, Etsy auntie. This is where almost-but-not-too intimidatingly beautiful (re)design lives.

Is It Obvious Why Signing Up for the Upcycled Clothing Marketplace Makes Sense Yet?

If you ever go thrift shopping, search for that one piece that is just worth buying, or have ever been guilty of trying to cut up your own t-shirts into something new in middle school, RE.STATEMENT is getting ready for YOU and only YOU. We will launch our first upcycled clothing products in batches, so the first 1,000 sign-ups will get notified in advance to preview what we have. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll be able to help us curate the best products for you.

Until then, we are still open to new designers to join the marketplace, and I’ll try my best to keep the TGS crowd updated on this new journey. Get in front of me on the RE.STATEMENT website if you want my attention, or send a message just want to catch up. Let’s ride, baby.


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