Featured in 303 Magazine: “RE.STATEMENT Hosts Collection Drop at Flip! A Sustainable Style Swap”

By: Lauren Lippert, Fashion Reporter at 303 Magazine

It’s no secret that the Denver fashion scene focuses on being sustainable and RE.STATEMENT is no different. 

Creator Hannah Le spent 10 months listening to designer’s stories, researching consumer behavior trends and building the online marketplace: RE.STATEMENT. It was created to help small business designers and artists upcycle used clothing into wearable art. 

“The reality is that humans have been upcycling for over 30,000 years, it’s time we start putting a label on it and we’re making good use of it,” Le said. “We’ve gone from upcycling for utilitarian purposes to where we are today where we make beautiful, one of a kind art pieces.”

Full article here.


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