a group of people sitting in front of a painting.
a group of people sitting in front of a painting.

List of Emerging Fashion Tech Companies Who Are Changing The Fashion Industry

In recent years, we’ve seen major changes in the fashion industry. Virtual reality has been used in stores to make customers feel as if they’re shopping in their favorite boutique. 3D printing has allowed designers to create new styles that weren’t previously possible — think dresses with different textures and patterns, not just different colors and layers. And e-commerce sites like Letere have made it easier for customers to find small indie brands that might not otherwise have had an online presence. But as always, technology is changing things faster than ever before. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the emerging fashion tech companies who are changing the fashion industry. These are companies that are using artificial intelligence and augmented reality to simplify and streamline various processes in the fashion world — from e-commerce websites and virtual fitting rooms to 3D models of human bodies and clothes.

VR and AR in the Fashion Industry

Virtual reality is being used in many different ways in the fashion industry — both for marketing and for design. VR is creating a new way for customers to shop online, with many brands creating virtual shopping experiences that make it much easier to try on and find the right dress. We’ve already seen a hint of this with the success of apps like House Dress, which lets customers virtually try on different types of home decorations. AR, meanwhile, is being used to help designers create new styles and types of clothing that weren’t previously possible — like fabrics with different textures and patterns, not just different colors and layers. AR has also been used to make it easier for clothing brands to show customers how their products look on different human body types — an important difference from VR, which can make a person look thinner or taller than they actually are.

Top Fashion Tech Companies in VR and AR

  1. WE/AR Studio
  2. NexTech AR Solutions
  3. Marxent Labs
  4. FFFACE.me
  5. Zyler

The Circular Economy of Fashion

The fashion industry has long been criticized for its use of materials. Now, many fashion tech companies are working to transform the industry by creating a “circular economy” model that focuses on reusing and recycling materials and scraps — rather than constantly extracting more from the Earth.

Top Fashion Tech Companies in the Circular Economy

  2. Re/make
  3. Circular.Fashion
  4. Recircled
  5. Looptworks

AI and Machine Learning in Fashion

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in a range of ways in the fashion industry. These technologies are being used by e-commerce sites, such as Shopify, to make product recommendations based on what customers have previously purchased. AI is also being used to help brands and designers understand customer data, such as social media posts and online reviews, to improve their products and marketing. These technologies are also being used to create a new way to identify and measure consumers’ body types. That’s important for brands who often struggle with knowing what their customers want. AI and machine learning are being used to create 3D body mapping software that lets designers create new garments — such as jeans, shorts, and belts — based on individuals’ body types.

Top Fashion Tech Companies in AI and Machine Learning

  1. True Fit
  2. The Yes
  3. Lily AI
  4. Mona
  5. Finesse
  6. Whering

Fashion E-Commerce

E-commerce sites have been growing in popularity for decades. But with the advent of artificial intelligence, they’re now able to access more information about customers and products than ever before. AI is being used by e-commerce sites to help customers find the right products faster. It’s also being used to create a better shopping experience for brands and designers. And it’s also being used to create a shopping experience that’s more personalized for each individual customer. One e-commerce site that’s using AI to create a personalized shopping experience is Dote. Dote is an AI-powered shopping assistant that uses machine learning to suggest products that it thinks customers will like. That’s based on customers’ past purchases and browsing history, as well as their location and other factors.

Top Fashion Tech Companies in E-Commerce

  1. Klarna
  2. LoopiPay
  3. Brandless
  4. Verishop

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Virtual fitting rooms are being used to make the online shopping experience even easier. These VR experiences let customers try on garments and see how they look without having to buy them and return them if they don’t fit right. That’s good news for customers, as well as retailers, who have been struggling with returns due to the increase in online shopping. Virtual fitting rooms are being used by major brands, as well as smaller companies who are looking to expand their reach through e-commerce. One virtual fitting room that’s making headlines is the AR app for Apple devices called AR try-on. The app lets customers try on different styles of jeans and shorts using their own bodies as a model. The app is currently being used by brands like Levi’s and Hudson.

Top Fashion Tech Companies in Virtual Fitting Rooms

  1. Modern Mirror
  2. Vyking
  3. Perfect Corp
  4. Reactive Reality
  5. GoodStyle
  6. Wanna Kicks

3D Body Mapping and Measurement Software

Technology has made it easier than ever for brands to create garments that fit their customers perfectly. One way that’s done is through 3D body mapping software, which helps designers create garments that can be customized for different body types. This technology has been used in a variety of ways. For example, some brands are using it to create special custom-made garments for individuals — such as wedding dresses. Others are using it to create generic patterns that can be used by different designers to create new styles.

Fashion Tech Companies in 3D Body Mapping and Measurement

  1. 3D Look
  2. TrueToForm
  3. Sizer
  4. Tailored
  5. NeXR Technologies
  6. Shavatar


The fashion industry has been rapidly changing in recent years, thanks to new technologies that make it easier to design garments and create websites. But these changes are also creating major challenges for designers and retailers who are having to adapt to new ways of doing business. These changes are also creating some dilemmas around ethical practices. For example, should fashion brands be held responsible for the environmental impact of the materials they use? How sustainable should fashion brands be? These are important questions that will need to be addressed as technology continues to change the fashion industry.


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