three men are standing in a parking garage.
three men are standing in a parking garage.

How to Find and Wear Unique Clothing: A Style Guide

Unique clothing is something you might see on a fashion blog or magazine and think “that’s cool, but I would never wear that.” But why not? Unique clothing can be anything from an offbeat print to a quirky cut. It can also be as simple as a one-of-a-kind piece using uncommon materials such as leather, feathers, or even chain mail.

There are lots of ways to find unique clothing and accessories. The tricky part is knowing where to look. You probably won’t find them on the same racks at your local mall store or department store. Keep reading for some helpful advice on how to find and then wear unique clothing. Or as we like to call it, the “where and wear” of unique fashion.

Where to Find Unique Clothing in Stores

There are a few places where you can find unique clothing. You can find unique clothes at thrift stores, consignment shops, antique shops, and vintage clothing stores.

You can also shop at small boutiques and independent designer shops. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind vintage clothing, you can go to antique stores. Some antique stores specialize in vintage clothing, while others may have a large variety of antique items. You can also shop for unique clothing at small boutiques and independent designer shops. Smaller shops are often on the hunt for unique pieces, so they often have really cool clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. If you have a local shop nearby, it’s a great place to start.

Where to Find Unique Clothing Online

You can also go online to find vintage clothing shops. Vintage clothing is usually in good condition, but it’s often rare and can be expensive. You can also check out shops online at independent designers and smaller brands.

Shop at Independent Shops

When hunting for unique clothing and accessories, your best bet is to head to smaller independent shops. These shops often have a limited selection of clothing and do not carry a lot of inventory. This is good news for you, because it means that the few items they have are truly unique. Be sure to ask about sizing in case you want to buy something for someone as a gift.

You may want to check out your local art and craft fairs. Some craft fairs also sell vintage items and artisanal clothing. You can also head to craft stores and art supply stores. You will often find items like fabric, yarn, and beads in these shops. You can experiment with different materials to find some truly unique clothing.

Try Online stores

Online stores are a good place to start when looking for unique clothing. However, you will want to be careful when shopping online. Some online stores have small inventories and do not offer exchanges. This means that if you order an item and it doesn’t fit you perfectly or you don’t like it, it can be costly to try to return it. Choose your online stores wisely and be sure to check their return policies.

Online vintage clothing stores are a good choice for unique clothing. These stores often sell rare vintage pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to check the sizing before you make a purchase. You can also shop for fabrics and materials online. You can find all kinds of materials online, from leather to feathers.

Try Shopping for Upcycled Fashion or Repurposed Clothing

The best way to truly find unique clothing is to shop for or create upcycled clothing. This involves taking used or unwanted materials from already existing clothing, especially the unique fabrics and embellishments from vintage clothing, and turning them into a one of a kind piece of clothing.

This is the ideal route towards unique clothing that makes you stand out. You are taking materials from clothing that is no longer in production and buying it when it has been recreated into something totally new and never-before-seen, so you are doubling down on the unique factor.

Because many of us may not sew, the easiest way to find upcycled clothing you might like is to visit RE.STATEMENT, the online store for unique, upcycled clothing – where small businesses and independent designers come together to build upcycled clothing brands that stand out.

Check out Second Hand Shops and Consignment Stores

Consignment shops are a good place to find one-of-a-kind clothing. You can find vintage clothing as well as new items from independent designers and makers that are trying to get their name out there. You can also find items from designers and brands that are no longer in production. Some of the clothing you find at consignment shops may be worn and may not be in perfect condition. However, alterations can often be done on some items to make them wearable again.

Second hand shops are also a good place to find unique clothing. You can sometimes find vintage items, but most of the clothing in these shops is used and may not be in perfect condition. It’s important to note that some states have laws against buying used clothing. These laws exist to protect consumers from health and safety issues that can arise from buying used clothing.

Go to Events and Festivals

You can often find interesting clothing at events and festivals. You can shop for vintage clothing at some festivals and events. You can also shop for handmade and artisanal clothing at these events. These items are often one-of-a-kind and made by independent designers and makers.

You can also shop for unique clothing at pop-up shops. You may have noticed pop-up shops popping up in your city recently. These shops are often found at community events and places like outdoor festivals and markets. They are often operated by independent designers and makers who sell their unique clothing.

Try Brands That Specialize in Unique Clothing

Some brands specialize in unique clothing. These brands often have their own website, and they also sell their clothing on other sites like eBay, RE.STATEMENT, or Etsy.

When looking for brands that specialize in unique clothing, you can use a search engine like Google to find them. You can also try looking at fashion blogs and magazines to see which brands they recommend. This is another good option if you are shopping online.

If a brand specializes in unique clothing, they may have a small inventory. This means that you may have fewer options, but you will be sure to find something truly unique. You may want to check out brands that specialize in vintage clothing, as this is another good way to find unique clothing.

Guide to Wearing Unique Clothing

As you can see, there are lots of places to find unique clothing. You can find unique clothing at thrift stores, consignment shops, antique shops, and vintage clothing stores. You can also shop at small boutiques and independent designer shops. You can also shop online and at events and festivals. You can also try brands that specialize in unique clothing, and better yet, you can try upcycled fashion. No matter where you shop, you can be sure to find something that is truly unique.

The best way to dress in unique clothing is to get to know yourself and the person you are aspiring to be. Find colors and patterns that you love and that express who you are, and stick to them while once trying new ones from time to time.

Finally, most importantly, you’ll want to make it easy to stand out by pairing basic clothing with just one statement piece of clothing that pops and makes it easy for people to draw their eyes towards. This statement piece will be the first thing people notice about you and the first excuse they will use to come over and talk to you. If you offer them just one statement piece to talk to you about, it’ll make it easier for you to be noticed.

Ultimately, learning how to wear unique clothing comes down to why you are doing it, and most of the time, the answer is the power of self-expression. Let you unique fashion style open the doors that allow you to communicate your thoughts and ideas to those who are curious to find out.


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