a person holding onto a shirt in front of a rack of shirts.
a person holding onto a shirt in front of a rack of shirts.

How Much Do Personal Stylists Make? And How You Can Make More Money

Personal stylists are the secret weapon of celebrities and high-end department store customers, but they’re fast becoming a career option for the rest of us. If you love fashion, have your own unique look, and enjoy helping others feel confident in their own skin—being a personal stylist may be the perfect gig for you.

Personal stylists help others find their personal style and create an individualized visual brand. This means that personal stylists act as advisers when it comes to what outfits or accessories suit a client’s needs.

In this article, we’ll explain how much personal stylists make, as well as how they can make even more money.

What does a personal stylist do?

A personal stylist is a fashion adviser who specializes in helping clients find their signature style and curate a wardrobe that reflects their personality. The stylist may also assist clients with how to wear their clothes, like pairing a blazer with jeans or styling an accessory like a scarf. Personal stylists also help clients create an individualized visual brand through the clothes they wear to create a consistent look. This visual branding is essential for clients who want to stand out, like models, actors, and public speakers.

Personal stylists can work in various industries and settings, like retail clothing stores, department stores, and online boutiques. Some personal stylists have their own businesses and work from home, while others are employed by stores and boutiques. Whether you work for yourself or an employer, it’s your job to help clients find the perfect outfit for any occasion and consult with clients on how to best style their wardrobe.

How much do personal stylists make?

The average salary for a personal stylist is $42,000. This amount can vary depending on where you work, whether you own your own business and your level of experience in the field.

If you own your own business or freelance, you can earn more than someone who works for an employer. This is because you keep 100% of the money you make. In addition, if you work for yourself, you’re able to set your own hours, which could make your job more flexible for you and your lifestyle.

How to earn more as a personal stylist

As with any career, you can earn more money as a personal stylist by upgrading your skill set and growing your business. Here are a few ways you can increase your salary as a personal stylist:

  • Specialize – There are many types of stylists, such as image consultants, image coaches, image consultants, and image advisors. Specialize in one type and become an expert in that field to earn more money. For example, if you specialize in image coaching, you can coach clients on how to look their best on camera. This is important if you’re working in the entertainment industry.
  • Earn certifications – Having a certification shows that you’re an expert in your field. Certifications can help you get a leg up in your career and earn more money. Having a certification proves that you have a high level of expertise and knowledge in your field.
  • Partner with brands – Another way to earn more money as a personal stylist is to partner with brands or fashion companies that offer affiliate programs. For each item a client buys from this brand, you will get a portion of the sales because you recommended them.

Tip: Network and find workshops to grow your business

Networking with others in the industry is an important part of growing your business and can lead to new clients and higher pay. Join professional associations and attend workshops to meet others in your industry. You can also use social media apps like Instagram and Facebook to network with other stylists and promote your business.

The best way to find clients is through word-of-mouth. Find opportunities to get your name out there by volunteering in your community and joining industry groups. You can also reach out to brands and offer to do free consulting to get your name out there and build your portfolio.

Tip: Network with brands to grow your business

Many brands offer affiliate programs or partnerships that pay you for setting your clients up with their items. Especially if the clothing suits your clients and if the client falls in love with the brand, you can make a lot more money than you would without the affiliate program. Partnering with various fashion brands is the top way you can make more money as a personal stylist.

Tip: Promote yourself with social media

There are many ways to promote yourself as a personal stylist with social media. Share your expertise and engage with others through blogging, posting about your favorite outfits and looks, joining online communities for stylists, and participating in online contests. Hone your visual branding by using a consistent visual identity across all your social media accounts. This includes using the same profile picture on all platforms, always tagging products you feature with an affiliate link, and including your contact information at the end of every post.


Personal stylists are important members of the fashion industry and help clients find outfits that reflect their personalities and style. Becoming a personal stylist is a great way to help others feel confident in their own skin, build your portfolio, and earn money through a service you love.

You can increase your earning potential as a personal stylist by networking with others in the industry, finding brand partnerships and opportunities to get your name out there, and promoting yourself through social media.


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