5 Ways to Upcycle Your Wedding Dress Into Something You’ll Love

Did you love your wedding dress when you were married? Did you also feel like it was one of the last things that you wanted to see again once it came off? Those feelings are completely understandable. While your wedding day is a special and important occasion, the dress that you wear on that day does tend to be something that you’ll likely never wear again unless you want to wow people with its beautiful rags.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to upcycle your wedding dress so that it feels fresh and new once again. You might not think of it as a traditional second-hand article, but an old wedding dress can be repurposed in many ways!

1. Make Art From It

For this, you might want to make sure that your dress is in a condition that allows you to cut it up without worrying about ruining it. Whatever you’re making from it, though, it should be noted that the best wedding dress for art is a dress with a lot of volume. You want to make sure that it’s constructed in a way that it’s easy to cut without being too delicate. If you’re thinking of making something like a painting or a collage, you can cut the dress in specific ways to create unique patterns and designs. You can also turn to various types of fabric paint, which are very easy to work with and can be applied to the dress in many different ways depending on your design. Once it’s dry, you can frame it and hang it on the wall as a piece of art that is both sentimental and beautiful.

2. Repurpose It As A Bedspread

If you have a particularly beautiful wedding dress that was heavy and expensive to create, you might consider repurposing it as a bedspread. You can take the dress apart, remove all of the tulle and other material, and then simply drape it across your bed. You can also consider using a particular fabric from the wedding dress and putting it in a duvet cover for a more personal touch. If you’re not sure how you want to put it on your bed, you can frame it, and it can be used as wall art. This way, it’s still beautiful and important, but it’s not in the way. You can also turn the dress into a tablecloth. You can also consider making pillows out of the dress fabric.

3. Sew It Into A Throw Blanket

If you have a particularly beautiful wedding dress that you want to maintain its beauty, you might consider turning it into a throw blanket. You can choose a pattern for the dress and then simply sew it into the blanket using heavy thread. This can help you keep the beautiful design and yet turn it into something functional. Alternatively, you can turn the dress into a duvet cover or pillowcases. You can also consider making a pillow out of the dress by simply cutting the fabric into a square and then stuffing it with pillow filling. If you have a particularly special and beautiful wedding dress, you might even consider turning it into a quilt. This is a particularly expensive way to go, but it will keep your dress preserved and allow you to display it proudly on the wall.

4. Turn It Into Wall Decor

If you have a particularly beautiful wedding dress that you want to keep around but don’t necessarily want to have anything to do with it, turn it into wall art. You can frame the dress, turn it into tapestries, or even frame specific pieces of fabric. If you frame the dress, you can turn it into wall art by simply hanging it on the wall. Turning it into wall art is a wonderful way to keep the dress around and make it look beautiful without having to touch it. You can also consider turning it into pillows or blankets, though this can be tricky with a delicate wedding dress.

5. Turn It Into a Commemoration Piece

If you have a particularly sentimental wedding dress, you might want to consider turning it into a commemoration piece. For example, you can turn it into a hat or a beautiful handbag. If you do want to turn it into a handbag, you’re going to want to be careful with the details that are on the dress, as they can easily be ripped off and destroyed. If you just want to display it, you can turn it into wall art. You can also consider turning it into a quilt. You can also turn it into an heirloom box, turning it into a beautiful piece of furniture for your home.


There are many ways to upcycle your wedding dress if you want to make something new from it. You can turn it into art, blankets, pillows, or other decorative items. If you have an old dress you want to get rid of, consider having one of your friends dress up in it for a funny picture. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our article on 5 ways to upcycle your wedding dress. From turning it into art to repurposing it as a bedspread, you have many different options available to make the most out of your special day.


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