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Visos Designs

Hi, my name is Timothy Visos, welcome to Visos Designs.

I am an artist and engineer that upcycles thrifted fits into wearable art! My art and style could be categorized as vintage fashion, streetwear, and skate. Although, like many creative types, labels are lame and breaking down social constructs and gender norms are common in my art. I like to draw skulls, graffiti, fun characters, and groovy retro designs.

I currently use bleach to add my art to outfits but am always looking for new and creative ways to upcycle fashion. I’ve done commissions for local vintage stores, 

bands, and people looking for unique, one-of-a-kind outfits. Please reach out if you want me to work on your next creative project or check out my store to purchase one of my pieces.

Follow my insta for a detailed look at my creative process: @Visos.Designs

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