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Magic Threads Studio

Magic Threads Studio believes clothing & accessories are like magic threads, weaving the stories of our inner & outer expression together. What we wear and accessorize with, how they’re embellished and what colors & symbols we’re drawn to are an outward expression of our inner worlds. These items are like Magic Threads which weave the tapestry of our lives together, changing as we change in order to reflect who we’ve now become. 

 A multi-process studio including cut & sew, dyeing, painting, patch & mend and fiber arts. Dedicated to offering one-of-a kind and few-of-a-kind  creations.  All sewn items are constructed from vintage and/or repurposed textiles, upcycled clothing, manufacturers dead stock, offcuts or waste. The fibers in the crochet fashions are repurposed, manufacturers overstock or dead stock, many of which are hand dyed in studio. 

Everything is self designed and I do not use commercial sewing patterns or commercial crochet patterns in my work.

Committed to a circular system by using what is readily available and sustainable.

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