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Kici Art Jewelry

Kici Art Jewelry features bracelets and earrings crafted using rare vintage beads, coral, crystals, beach glass, semi-precious stones and antique silver and brass.  Using carved, painted and hand made beads, each is completely unique and evokes patterns in nature.  Some sparkle and many are full of motion reflecting light and shadow.  Comfortable, adjustable and easy to wear, each is a one of a kind art piece to enjoy every day or on special occasions. I can design to meet your specifications on color, stones, types of beads and bling!

My raw materials come from broken vintage jewelry.  After 30 + years, strings break and necklaces end up in thrift shops in bags and in tag sales.  I have also collected costume jewelry for years myself and sometimes a piece speaks to me to be taken apart, recombined with other jewels, beads, and semi-precious stones.  I have lots of coral in all colors, stones, old pearls, delightful plastic Bakelite beads in all colors.  Once I retired, I got to play with the thousands of beads I collected over the past 50 years.  I get totally excited when someone appreciates and enjoys wearing my art works!  I started with bracelets but plan to branch out into earrings soon!  Tell me what colors you want to combine and I will design to your needs!  Big and bold or delicate and small!  Just let me know! 

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