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Altered Eco

My name is a Elissa and I studied fashion design in college and have a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Fashion Design.

While in school, I learned how damaging fast fashion is on the environment and how fashion is the second largest contributor to pollution. I wanted to do something to combat the toll fashion is taking on the world by using…

Ethical Fashion

Conscious Fashion

Vintage Fashion

Slow Fashion

Circular Fashion               

All my upcycled designs are one of a kind. There is only ONE, making Altered Eco just as unique as the One wearing it!

Follow my insta  @the_altered_eco  for my journey as a sustainable fashion designer. Watch as I navigate through fashion shows, educating fashion lovers with my sustainable upcycled designs on the runway.

I’m just a fashion designer Saving the W🌎RLD one outfit at a time.

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