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Buy Store Credits

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We're auctioning off ways to be the first to view our next collection drop.

Help us prepare for the next RE.STATEMENT upcycled collection drop.

Purchasing store credits lets us know you’re ready to buy, so we can make sure we have enough inventory for you!

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The first 100 people who purchase store credits before our next collection drop will:

  • Get (nearly instant) priority access to the collection drop as soon as they purchase credit
  • For a limited time, you’ll also get the credit amount you purchase DOUBLED (up to $500) for free. Please wait 1-2 business days to see your account funds doubled 🤑

Store Credits let you buy what no one else has – before anyone else does.

  • Early access to collection drops
  • Faster checkout process
  • Priority customer support
  • Premier discounts (coming soon!)

Whoever buys the most credits will...

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...Be first to access

our latest collection drop

Stock Up on Store Credits

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Gift card purchases go towards your collection drop access too.

Purchasing either store credits for yourself or gift cards for your friends will go towards your status to viewing our first-ever collection drop early.

Whoever buys the most in store credits and/or gift cards will be first to view the first batch of RE.STATEMENT upcycled clothing – easy as that!

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