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Take a chance on RE.STATEMENT this holiday season.

Whoever buys the most amount in gift cards & store credits will be first to browse & buy from our first collection drop, followed by everyone else stocking up on credits for our first launch.

Thank you for your endless support and excitement about the online marketplace of upcycled clothing!


For birthdays, holidays, or celebrations, the best gifts wait on nobody.

Our gift cards let your loved ones buy what they truly love on their own time while maximizing their serendipity to find it. Help them find upcycled clothing and accessories that transcend physical design with the conversation they start and the ideas they share.

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Why Our Gift Cards Rock

Uniqueness Guaranteed

Let your friends & loved ones find something one-of-a-kind and never-before-seen.

Eco-Consciously Smart

Upcycled clothing gives new purpose for something someone else gave up on.

Support Small Business

Small business designers & artisans who turn used clothing into wearable art.

Shopping for Yourself?

Buy what no one else has before anyone else does, and make the checkout process easier with store credits.

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