Upcycle Your Ex

Donate an ex-lover's clothing and watch our designers upcycle it into something you'd actually love.

We are searching for big, wild stories.

And love. And cool clothes.

But mostly stories & cool clothes.​

…And you have clothing remnants that should get upcycled, share the story with us!**

Donate an ex-lover’s** clothing, and watch our designers upcycle it into something you’d actually love. You can co-create with a RE.STATEMENT designer or let them surprise you, and you’ll receive an opportunity to buy the transformed product back at a hefty discount.

How to Work With a RE.STATEMENT Designer

1. Upload photos

In less than 5 minutes, easily submit photos and a blurb about what you want upcycled

2. Ship

Get an email to match with a designer & send them your donated item. RE.STATEMENT covers shipping!

3. Co-create

Collab (or let the designer surprise you) in upcycling your clothes. Designers resell the final creation on RE.STATEMENT, which you can buy for up to 95% off

**Note: What you donate does NOT have to be from an ex. As long as it’s interesting and able to be upcycled, you are welcome to participate!

RE.STATEMENT and its designers are not liable or responsible for the repercussions from whom the donated item originally belonged to. You agree that you hold full ownership of the item classified in the submitted form until you donate it to a RE.STATEMENT designer, who will hold ownership of the item to create in their art, after you ship it to them.

Let’s not be sketchy here, folks. No one, not even your exes, is coming after us for just trying to save the planet. 💃

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