Become a Brand Ambassador

We are looking for bold, unique representatives who stand out as much as our sustainable, upcycled clothing does! You will play a major role in helping us grow in new communities and reach those who are looking for unique fashion options that no one else will have.


  • Check out RE.STATEMENT whenever you’re looking for clothing
  • Share your experience using RE.STATEMENT on social media, blogs, email newsletters, publications, or communities you’re a part of
  • Be open to talking to the founder (and team!) via email, social media DMs, or phone call about feedback and ideas
  • Tell your friends, family, or any followers you have that might enjoy something


  • Spontaneous store credits to shop on RE.STATEMENT
  • Invitations to plan and/or attend exclusive events and campaigns
  • 10% commission on every sale your refer
  • Meet and mingle with the network of RE.STATEMENT partners, ambassadors, and designers
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